South of Scotland Golfers' Association Privacy Policy

1. Your Privacy

South of Scotland Golfers’ Association (hereafter referred to as SOSGA) are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. The Dumfries & Galloway Partnership is considered to part of the SOSGA.
This is an interim policy pending consideration of a more extensive policy.

2. What Information Do We Collect?

This websites collects and uses personal information for the following reasons:

2.1 Site visitation tracking

Like most websites, this site uses Google Analytics (GA) to track user interaction. We use this data to determine the number of people using our site, to better understand how they find and use our web pages and to see their journey through the websites.
We operate the Google tools DoubleClick and tagging in conjunction Visit Scotland to track the number of hits on a chosen page.

3. Our Third Party Date Processors

We use Google that is based in the USA and is EU-U.S Privacy Shield compliant.
• Google (Privacy policy)

4. Consent

By using the Websites you indicate your consent to us collecting and using your Information (that you provide to us when interacting SOSGA) in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy, unless you expressly state that such consent is not given.

5. Security

We take the security of your Information seriously. We will not share information collected beyond Visit Scotland and the golf clubs affiliated to SOSGA.

6. Policy for Children

We realise and understand that many children will visit the Websites, or interact with SOSGA via another route, but encourage all persons under 13 to consult with their parents or legal guardian before submitting any content or information to SOSGA. This policy will be extended.

7. Changes to this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will be updated in accordance with paragraph 1.

8. Your Rights to Access Your Information

You have the right to see details of the information that we hold about you. We may charge a small fee towards the cost of administering any request you make.
You may ask us to make any necessary changes to your Personal Information to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date.

9. Relevant Legislation

Our websites are designed to comply with the following national and international legislation with regards to data protection and user privacy:
• UK Data Protection Act 1988 (DPA)
• EU Data Protection Directive 1995 (DPD)
• EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR)

10. Data Breaches

We will report any unlawful data breach of the SOSGA databases or the database(s) of any of our third party data processors to any and all relevant persons and authorities within 72 hours of the breach if it is apparent that personal data stored in an identifiable manner has been stolen.

12. How to Contact Us

If you would like any further information or have any comments about our use of your Information, our Privacy Policy or any aspect of the Websites or our service, please contact us by the email form at